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Austin Beerworks

South by Southwest Festbier Packaging


Design Team: Drew Lakin, Christian Helms
Creative Direction: Christian Helms

The Story

We thought of SXSW attendees in creating an unconventional new can package for Austin Beerworks’ limited-release SXSW-inspired beer, Festbier. Communicating with little other than emojis, the 16oz can is our tongue-in-cheek way of communicating with festival-goers and taking part in the iconic event. The economy of communication fits the festival perfectly, cutting through the clutter and grabbing attendees’ attention as they work up a thirst at the film, music and interactive conferences.

“There should be a local option made just for the festival,” says Beerworks’ Michael Graham. “We’ll never be big enough to be the ‘official’ beer sponsor, but we think Festbier will become the officially unofficial beer of SXSW.”

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