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Austin Beerworks



Logos, Iconography & Illustration
Website Design & Development


Design Team: Christian Helms, Al Nelson
Creative Direction: Christian Helms
Web Developer: David Guillory


2016 - Austin Ad Fed - ADDY Awards - Bronze

The Story

One of our favorite elements of the brand identity system, the Beerworks website enhances the voice, personality and character of its content through design. Bright, vibrant color and large graphic elements reference the brewery’s bold and clean brewing profile while customized typography and unique details reinforce the hand crafted nature of their product.

Austin Beerworks is proud of their beers, so we put them front and center. Larger-than-life sized cans hover at attention as viewers learn more about each beer— from the hop varieties used in brewing to which Martha Stewart paint swatch best describes the beer’s color.

The site is rounded out by an informative and funny info-graphic that takes visitors through the brewing process from start to finish. As tanks and mills whiz by, the illustration moves through the three phases of brewing: hot side, cold side and packaging. Parallax scrolling adds a sense of depth and dimension, and there’s even a unicorn! What else do you need in a brewery site? As often is the case, we collaborated with Source Pixel Foundry on development.

Learn more about Austin Beerworks and their canned craft awesomeness over in the brand identity section or at

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