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Bauhaus Brew Labs

Comprehensive Brand Identity


Brand Merchandise & Apparel
Logos, Iconography & Illustration
Website Design & Development
Brand Messaging
Packaging System
Brand Management
Identity System


Design Team: Lauren Dickens
Creative Direction: Christian Helms
Web Developer: David Guillory
Photography: Bauhaus & Gina Ries (Event Photo)


2014 - Communication Arts Design Annual
2015 - Austin Ad Fed - ADDY Awards - Gold

The Story

Bauhaus Brew Labs channels its namesake’s spirit of creativity, experimentation and playfulness in crafting a flavorful, imaginative and unique craft beer experience for its customers. Our approach was to follow their example in creating the brewery’s identity, with an eye on differentiating the brand in the marketplace and creating a disruptive presence on the retail shelf. The bright, primary brand palette is unconventional for the craft beverage shelf, and the quirky beer names were created by translating more traditional naming into German, and then back to English.

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