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Fullsteam Brewery

American Progress Packaging System


Design Team: Christian Helms, Drew Lakin, Ryan Rhodes
Creative Direction: Christian Helms


2014 - Communication Arts - Typography Annual

The Story

We began work with Fullsteam founder Sean Wilson in 2008, helping to articulate his vision for a brewery built around the contrast between industry and agriculture. Those two worlds, along with a grain silo worth of passion and creativity, are reflected in parallel beer lines. American Progress reflects a more traditional, industrial approach to classic beer styles while the brewery’s Plow-to-Pint offerings incorporate North Carolina agricultural staples like persimmons, grits and sweet potatoes.

Sweden’s Kurt Lightner worked with us to craft intricate, textural illustrations that provide a striking contrast to the iconic typography.

Currently on tap across the state and available in growlers, Fullsteam launched retail packaging in 2014. Visit to learn more about the brewery, and for a chance to be immortalized on their famed “Wall of Awesome.”

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