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Fullsteam Brewery

Cack-A-Lacky Ginger Pale Ale Packaging


Packaging System


Design Team: Christian Helms


2015 - Austin Ad Fed - ADDY Awards - Gold

The Story

Years after working with Fullsteam to build the brewery’s brand identity, founder Sean Wilson approached us with an interesting challenge: to create a packaging system for a stand-alone craft beer not tied to either of the brewery’s existing product lines.

The ginger pale ale, simply called Cack-A-Lacky, borrows its name from slang for the Carolinas and even more directly references Wilson’s partner in the venture. Cackalacky Hot Sauce owner Page Selton plans to help Fullsteam go nationwide with the beer, far beyond the brewery’s current reach.

The unique venture offered an opportunity to create packaging that referenced Fullsteam’s primary brand identity but would also grab the attention of drinkers unfamiliar with the small regional brand. Our solution focused on channeling Wilson’s unstoppable enthusiasm into a striking yet timeless package.

“Fundamentally, I’m a gut-instinct kind of person, and my gut says this is the beer that’s going to change things for us,” says Wilson, self-titled Chief Executive Optimist at Fullsteam. “We do a lot of seasonal and one-off beers, but we don’t want this to be ephemeral. We want this one to last.”

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