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Modern Times Beer

Packaging System


Brand Merchandise & Apparel
Website Design & Development
Packaging System


Design Team: Christian Helms, Erick Montes
Creative Direction: Christian Helms
Script Typography: Simon Walker
Web Developer: David Guillory


2013 - Austin Ad Fed - ADDY Awards - Silver
2014 - Texas Show - Packaging

The Story

Modern Times Beer founder Jacob McKean has a unique vision for his brewery, and proved to be a perfect fit as a client here at Helms Workshop. We do our best work with clients who aren’t afraid to have a point of view, and who are brave enough to stand apart as different in a crowded marketplace. Modern Times has that in spades.

Jacob named the brewery after a utopian community founded in New York in 1850, and modeled the brand narrative after historic visionaries and their dreams of the future.

Workshop explored a host of design directions referencing forward-looking historic icons including Raymond Loewy and Norman Bel Geddes, as well as contemporary revisionists like Wes Anderson. Through that juxtaposition we arrived at a packaging system that fits perfectly into Modern Times brand story.

To help in creating the can’s signature logotype we enlisted typographer Simon Walker. “To work on an emerging beer brand alongside the prodigiously talented Helms Workshop was a rare honor, and my only hope was that I could offer something that would do justice to the Helms aesthetic. The final result is nothing short of stunning,” said Walker.

The final product reflects a true collaboration, and we couldn’t be more pleased. “The cans are so devastatingly tasteful, a koozie would be a crime,” says McKean.

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